Pricing structure

Managed and hosted UX Forms fees are based on two criteria - the number of user accounts registered as form authors and the number of completed form submissions.

Form author accounts £ per account/month
1 - 3 150.00
4 - 6 125.00
7 - 9 100.00
10+ 75.00
Form submissions £ per form submission/month
1 - 10 20.00
11 - 25 15.00
25 - 50 10.00
51 - 100 7.50
101 - 500 5.50
500+ 3.00

Form author account fees and form submission fees are charged monthly in arrears.

All fees are exclusive of VAT. There is a one month cancellation notice period for form author accounts.

Volume managed service

If you expect high form submission volumes you can choose our discounted flat rate of £12,500, plus VAT, per month.

This includes unlimited submissions and form author accounts and is hosted on multi­-tenanted Cloud­-based infrastructure as a service provided by our hosting partner, Amazon Web Services

Dedicated secure managed service

If you require a dedicated service that is accredited as suitable for supporting up to IL3 protectively marked data and all data classified as OFFICIAL, including OFFICIAL SENSITIVE, you can choose our secure managed flat rate of £27,500, plus VAT, per month.

This provides dedicated instances of the UX Forms platform, managed and updated by UX Forms and hosted on Skyscape’s pan government accredited cloud infrastructure. It also includes unlimited form author accounts and form submissions.

Self-hosted service

Alternatively you can self-host the UX Forms platform on your own infrastructure for a flat licence fee of £400,000, plus VAT, per year.

The self-hosted option has no limits on the number of servers or cores on which the platform can be installed, the number of form author accounts or the number of form submissions.

Sector pricing

We are happy to offer a 10% discount to educational institutions.

G-Cloud Pricing

For central government procurement, UX Forms is available on G-Cloud.

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